Finally Friday

I got an e-mail from my very best friend this morning; she’s getting a mammogram and ultrasound done today. 

My heart started fluttering with worry about her.  She is the healthiest person I know; she preaches ~ and lives ~ organic, locavore practices.  She only buys free-range meat from one trusted farm she has personally visited.   Her veggies are either home grown or bought from the Farmer’s Market and frozen for the winter months.  She can read a product label in 15 seconds flat and tell you if it’s crap or good stuff regardless of whether it’s shampoo or soup. There’s just no way that any germ would dare come close to her, much less invade the body of this self-described ‘health-nazi.’  

So…an ultrasound with her mammo?   

I sent her back an e-mail and of course my first question was, “An ultrasound?  Did you find a lump?” 

Three minutes can seem like an eternity when you’re waiting for a response. 

Come to find out, she just has very dense breast tissue that can only be accurately viewed by an ultra sound machine. Thank God.   It’s the little moments in life that remind us of just how wonderful our friends are and how fortunate we are to have them in our lives. Finally, Friday.  It’s arrived.  The harbinger of ‘Week End.’  And my weekend will be a happier one because my dearest friend is healthy.  Such a simple joy.  Such a powerful thing, friendship.