Monday Musings


A friend asked me this weekend:  “How much do we really need to live a full life?  It’s time to live simply.” 

That got me to thinking…why do we focus on all we don’t have, the dreams we probably will never fulfill, the places to which we’ll not get to travel?  Why do we overlook all the wonderful things in our lives?

I am grateful today to be awake, awake mentally, physically and emotionally.  My appreciation for a dear friend who really saved me this weekend brings me to my knees.  When I think of the kindness and well wishes from people I’ve never met, I’m humbled.

My focus has shifted to an appreciation for the tiniest things in my life.  I have a roof over my head, food in my cabinet, and clothes on my back.  I felt the sun on my face this weekend.  I had a wonderful conversation with my sister.  I shined my sink and got my laundry done. 

I’m grateful I can sit on my balcony and listen to the sweet, clear notes of the birds in the trees.  Even though it’s still dark outside, the birds are welcoming the morning.  So am I.