Wandering Wednesday

If I could go anywhere I wanted, where would my mood take me on this Wandering Wednesday?


Scotland.  Specifically, I’d like to go back to the Isle of Skye.  The air, redolent of grasses and sea, is the sweetest I’ve ever breathed.  The light is the clearest – sometimes it’s so sharp it almost hurts.  It’s that very same clearness that exposes souls to their best and worst aspects and inspires me to write and write well.  For that alone, I love it. 

I felt at home from my first step in the country.  The people are strong minded, independent, and even more hospitable than true Southerners.   Self reliance is a trait that is admired and respected.  Following the latest and greatest trend or fad or ‘new, hot, hip thing’ is NOT cool.  I like that attitude.

Scotland is the one place that I felt like the true, deep-down, 100% authentic me.  I miss the country, I miss her people, and I certainly miss that unique feeling.  I loved the me I met in Scotland.